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We’re Back with the Glow Up!

We are officially back and we’ve leveled up y’all!

Check out the video to see what we have planned.

See the upgraded design skills?

I still have a ton to learn but I really want to be producing the highest quality of content and information. I had to take a break to gain some clarity, do some personal work, explore a few career paths, go through a ton of growth and evolution.

I went through a period of transformation and I have clarity.

I KNOW that I’m meant to teach, share, grow, bring people together and enjoy life.

Although my career is shifting a bit, I want to make sure I share the information that I’ve gathered during my years in corporate America. You’ll get a blog & some podcasts for that!

Oh-I have fallen in love with Amazon (I know I’m not alone) and people always ask me about where I get things. Most of the time I find I’ve found my gem through Amazon (thx TikTok). I have bought many things that I love and some things I was mad I spent my money on. If it looks cool, I probably have bought it. I’m going to start with my 2022 purchases and work my way back. Going through my purchases will probably be therapeutic or painful but y’all will be on the journey with me.

I am committing to 1 post a week highlighting Cyn’s Favorite Friday Amazon Picks. Yes! I said committing. I don’t know how long this will last but as I get the hang of all this I may drop extra favorites.

I’m going to highlight my favorite purchases and why I like them. I may even include a fun story or 2.

Eventually I’ll improve upon the content but at minimum you’ll get a direct link & Review.

Oh! We are bringing the CynSpeaks podcast back! We will be releasing episodes as inspired but I want to get on a regular posting schedule. I’ll keep y’all posted but get ready. We will have episodes, minisodes and maybe even videos. I’m still unsure about guest speakers, but thank you for your recommendation on this. I hear y’all. ;-)

I’m working on my PhD and I’m done with all classes! I’m just a dissertation away from being Dr. Cyn! I have some huge plans for the upcoming year which I’m ecstatic about. (Seminars? The fun kind.)

I have more magic in the pipeline, but I’ll keep that a secret and make it fun! (Giveaways, trips & celebrations maybe?)

Thank you for rockin with me all these years.

It’s so important to me to do everything from a space of love and authenticity. My life got so crazy and I needed some time. I can’t wait to share the gems I’ve learned along the way.


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