October 17, 2016

Dear Employer, As a millennial I just think and operate in a unique way.  I care about humanity, want to great at my job, and am extremely loyal to those who ar

August 31, 2016

10 tips on how to increase employee engagement. Leadership development, millennials, human resources, employee relations, strategy, retention, corporate culture

April 22, 2016

Being a good leader is a challenge that requires the right combination of ethics, values, experience, skill and passion.


A leader brings out the best in each and every member of the team.  Here are a few tips to help you become a leader that your team adores.


Good Lead...

February 22, 2016

There are many good habits that financially sound people practice, but we will cover 7 in this post.


There are a few different interpretations of abundance, but the practices are the same to attracting more.



Create a goal plan with those that are good and strong....

February 15, 2016

The way that you treat others speaks volumes as to how successful you are, and how successful you will become.   I will explain further.


The way that you treat others does indeed reveal your success level, but also shines a spotlight to expose your level of inner stren...

February 8, 2016

Let's talk about how daunting this data is.

Disengaged employees will cost you BIG $$$!
Disengaged employees can cost your organization up to $3,500 per year for each $10K in salary.  The average salary in the US is $50,000.  With that data, each disengaged...

December 15, 2015


Stupid Holidays-From the Military Spouse


The awesome military recruiters neglected to inform us spouses how to not go crazy when we’re left on our own.  My first Christmas as a Navy wife was spent at our first duty station less than a month after we PCS’d and my husba...

November 15, 2015

Think about this…


Celebrities have Life Coaches. In Hollywood, it is thought to be a status symbol to have a Coach. The truth is, Coaches lead people to success. Celebrities are typically successful people-and they don’t go it alone. I don’t know about you, but I’m pre...

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10 Ways to Increase your Employee Engagement

August 31, 2016

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December 15, 2015

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