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Cyn's Amazon Fav's: Best Baby Bottles

"These bottles are amazing. My son was a breastfed baby and is about to turn one. When we initially bought a pack of bottles we purchased 10 large bottles total. In addition to those 10 bottles we purchased level 2 nipples. In addition to my son being breastfed he had a tounge tie that had to be snipped. He is very particular about most things, but loves these bottles. He is 1 month away from turning 1 and we are just now transitioning him out of these bottles slowly. We only had to replace the nipples. Also, we didn't have an issue with these leaking until recently. We changed the nipples and the leaking stopped. These bottles have lasted us a year and I would strongly recommend them."
Would you buy them again? "Yes. If we did ever have another child, these would be the bottles we purchase."


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