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Cyn's Amazon Fav's: Best Apple Laptop of 2022

"I absolutely love this laptop. I was definitely overdue for a new laptop but was holding off because-who wants to purchase a new laptop. I upgraded from the Macbook Pro I believe the 2017 version and that one was definitely running really slow. I run a decent amount of programs on the computer including video editing software and the new macbook air can handle it just fine. The screen is so large I absolutely love it. There is no more wasted space at menu bar at the top of the page which creates so much more space. Also, the keys on the keyboard seem to be spaced out a bit more so typing is much easier than on my ipad keyboard or even the older macbook pro keyboard. I am very happy with the purchase. I purchased the skylight option which is outside of my comfort level as I would normally go with a space grey color but I am really happy with the choice. The laptop is light enough to be portable but also sturdy enough for me to put into my bag and me feel confident that it will be safe."
Would you buy this again? "Absolutely. I absolutely love this laptop."


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