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5 Ways to Set Your Employees up for Success

Permission or forgiveness? Which one should you ask for?

I've always preferred to ask for permission to avoid any possible issues (hello trauma), but recently I've tried something new and I’ve started asking for permission after I make an executive decision.

I love being empowered, but I hate the worry of," did I do this right" or “what will happen if I did it wrong”. Why does that unknown outcome cause so much stress?

While I was realizing that l prefer ask permission, the natural question I asked myself was, ‘why'? I'm on this journey of healing and I'm realizing that so much of what I do is because of fear. But regardless, my goal is peace.

Do I stretch myself to get away from moving out of fear, or do move away from chaos and towards more peaceful situations? In my personal life, I made the conscious decision to only do things that bring me joy. You won’t catch me at an event out of obligation. I do what I choose to do and I do what I enjoy. If the answer isn’t ‘absolutely’, then the answer is ‘nope’.

In my work, I realized I still have to pay the bills so sometimes there will be situations that are a bit uncomfortable. In those situations, I will continue to seek out work situations that have qualities that I need to be successful such as structure, positive team members and tasks that I enjoy.

In corporate leadership, I realized there are a few best practices that you can implement to help people be successful.

  1. Let you team know what to expect

  2. Be fair in your expectations

  3. Create structure

  4. Provide positive feedback as much as redirection

  5. Empower people to grow


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