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Have Faith: The Outcome is Good

Have you ever noticed that everything seems to work out for you?

Once you start to see things working out for you, it’s so much easier to have faith.

BUT-What do you do when you don’t feel like things are not working out for you? What about those times where it feels like nothing is going as planned? How do you keep faith? In the times where you hear terms like ‘toxic positivity’, how do you know what level of positivity is enough?

I don’t have the perfect answer for everyone, but I’m going to share what has worked for me.

Unconditional positivity has worked for me. Some people will disagree, but for me, finding something positive to focus on has worked.

Growing up, many would say I had a troubled childhood. I grew up in a low income home and many members of my family have battled mental health issues. I didn’t realize it when I was younger, but I was always optimistic even when I should have been crying my eyes out. I think I was like this because I had no other choice. I couldn’t break. If I fell, I had no people in my life that would unconditionally catch me. I was the catcher. I was the one that people could lean on.

To get through my childhood without falling into a depression, my only option was to find something good in every situation. If I could find nothing positive about the situation itself, I would look for something positive about life, existing, or momma earth.

As long as I have breath, I will always have something to be thankful for. When you think about the worst of situations, although they could likely be better, they could also be worse.

Find the best possible thought that you can attach yourself to. The ability to seek out the positive in any situation can take practice, but it is oh so worth it.

Shifting from allowing situations to control your happiness to a space where you are happy irregardless of situation is the key. This is the key to manifesting literally anything you want.

If you feel good with and make the best of the cards you have, you’re setting yourself up to receive more of the good things and blessings that you’re celebrating.

If you’re interested in having a more positive outlook, but don’t know how, I’ve listed a few mantras below that can get you started!

*TIP: Recite these in the shower with the intention that anything that does not align with your highest and best self will be washed away.

  1. “Things always work out for me.”

  2. “The next best thing is on its way to me. I get the fun of lining up with it.”

  3. “Trust the process. The process is where the fun is.”

  4. “Only things meant for me come my way.”

  5. “My outcomes are always good.”

I hope these mantras bring you joy and light.

With love and light,



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