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Signed, The Disengaged Millennial

Dear Employer,

As a millennial I just think and operate in a unique way. I care about humanity, want to great at my job, and am extremely loyal to those who are loyal to me. You may or may have not noticed that I have become disengaged lately. To be fair, I will give you a list of the things that YOU have done to guide me to a space of disengagement.

1. You are a liar

You speak as if you actually care about your employees. As a millennial, I know that this is not genuine. You have never visited any of your lower level employees, and really don't care that I had to choose between paying for day care and paying my light bill last month. You definitely do not care that your lowest paid employees have to collect section 8 and food stamps because you don't pay us enough, yet we are the backbone of your company. I have no family, and live alone. I arrive to work on time every day, and volunteer for each and every opportunity for overtime that is offered. I am always more than willing to help when needed at work. I have never even had a warning for behavior, and always meet metrics. I did not get even 1 birthday card this year for my birthday-not even from the company that I sacrifice so much for. You say you care-but you do not care. You are a liar.

2. You are too old school

You have not shown that you are willing to adapt to the change of the times. You feel that the employees should be thankful to work for your company, when there are much better companies out there. You don't care about work life balance, and you don't even offer telecommute for your executive level employees. The computers we work on are slow, and the managers still have to use paper files for everything.

3. You can't retain employees

You may not know that you are the worst employer I have ever worked for. I refuse to refer people to come work here, because I don't even want to work here. I have actually been applying elsewhere. Why would I want to stay, when everyone who works here is anxious to leave.

4. The pay sucks

You pay below the industry average meaning you do not value your employees. You care more about pinching pennies at the expense of those who need it most, which is why people leave. You do not care, because you have never met any of us.

5. You don't listen

I have made suggestions on how to improve the culture of this company, yet they get lost in the bottomless inbox somewhere. I have no ownership and no vested interest. I simply have lost the desire to care.

6. No ethics, values and morals

Honesty, trust, respect, transparency, integrity are just a few qualities that my dream company possesses. You are just not that company. It would be awesome to participate in some employer sponsored charity projects, but you don't seem to care about charity.

7. I hate coming to work

This office is not a fun place to work. The job itself is not fun, but my team members are worse. Nobody likes their job, so nobody is happy to work here. I drag my feet each morning coming in the door, and am miserable every minute that I'm here. There is no technology in the office that makes it exciting to come and stay each day. I don't get a "hi" when I walk in the door, or even a smile.

I can only hope that you listen to improve for the next millennial employees coming in the door because this is my break up letter. Good luck with your future millennials.


The Disengaged Millennial

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