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7 Habits to help you Attract Abundance

There are many good habits that financially sound people practice, but we will cover 7 in this post.

There are a few different interpretations of abundance, but the practices are the same to attracting more.


Create a goal plan with those that are good and strong. Know when you should invest, spend, and save-and on what. Know what you are going to do with that lump sum of money before it is paid out.


Track your incoming money and outgoing expenses. Live a “lean” life and trim surplus expenses when possible. An excel spreadsheet is fine if you can not afford an accountant.


Always make sure bills are covered, but also set aside money for investing, saving, and emergencies.


Stay on top of changes in the market if you have investments. Simply pay attention to what is going on around you. Celebrate


Always leave something for yourself. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend your whole check on material things, but it means to look out for you. Be sure to have a retirement plan, insurance coverage, etc.


This is an advanced concept and technique, but meditation is important for many reasons. Meditation includes, words of affirmation, removing blocks, attracting abundance, and many other topics. Meditation will help you be sure that you have a good relationship with money, and aren’t blocking yourself from abundance.


Acknowledge abundance everywhere you go. Pay attention to all of the abundant things around you. Be thankful for each and every penny that you attract. If you find a penny on the ground, celebrate it! It may be 1 cent that you found, but you are now 1 cent richer than you were before. Children are also a great source of love. Kids are overflowing with love an happiness. If you are feeling like your life is not overflowing with happiness, try spending time with children.

Abundance is based upon perception. If you see yourself as attracting abundance, you will continue to do so.

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