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The way that you treat others speaks volumes as to how successful you are, and how successful you will become. I will explain further.

The way that you treat others does indeed reveal your success level, but also shines a spotlight to expose your level of inner strength. Selfish & uncaring people take advantage of others for many selfish reasons.

The concept seems simple as though it should be common knowledge, but it is not. So many people use and abuse the ones that stand most firm in their corner.

Imagine being a child who had one bad day at school. You are sad that you can not choose a toy from the "good behavior toy chest" but even bigger than that, you are terrified to bring that poor behavior report home. You are terrified-not because you don't get that toy, but because you know that your dad will hurt you because of that bad report. He will hurt you because the report was bad, because it was an embarrassment to him, and he will also hurt you before he asks what happens. He won’t even know that you had a bad day because you were tired-and you were tired because you were up until 10pm doing homework the night before. For a 6 year old, that’s a lot to handle. Although this is an extreme example, the concept is the same. The dad in this example may succeed at getting his child to behave, but at what cost? Is this true success?

Success? That dad has indeed succeeded at terrifying and permanently damaging his child. His child won’t trust him, and likely now feels like dad doesn’t care about being understanding.

Inner strength? This coward has none. This man is weak. It takes strength to control your actions and communicate your feelings with a purpose.

You may not be able to identify with the little kid & his abusive father, but there are many other real life situations that may be easier for you to relate to.

Do you hold a Supervisory of Management role? How do you treat those that report to you? Do you abuse your power?

Try to be more aware of how you are using your power. Use it for good. Use it to lead by example and always do your best.

A way to gain the respect of your superiors and those you lead is to remain genuine. It is possible to be imperfect yet still respected. If you are a worker bee; ask questions, be pleasant, always look for a way to help, and tackle the tasks that nobody else wants.

If you are a parent; love your family and show it constantly, be sure that the positive outweighs the negative, and listen.

None of us are perfect, and we all have room for improvement. The good news is that you have direct control over how you treat others, and can implement positive change in your life. Become known for being a positive force in the lives of others, which will reveal your inner strength, and also-your level of success.

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