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STOP Pushing your Workforce into the Arms of your Competitors

Think about this…

Celebrities have Life Coaches. In Hollywood, it is thought to be a status symbol to have a Coach. The truth is, Coaches lead people to success. Celebrities are typically successful people-and they don’t go it alone. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure success is in the forefront of your corporate round table discussions.

In order to run a large and lucrative organization, you need 2 sets of people; clients and a workforce. All organizations have the need to get connected with their employees at all levels. Mid-level Managers have much more contact with the workforce than the Top-Level Execs. Your workforce and Management knows exactly what needs to be done in order to fix some of your operational, morale and turnover issues.

A Coach can help get you that data to implement change, help to increase employee productivity, and change your corporate culture.


1. Identify Areas for Improvement

A common problem in most organizations is that employees do not feel empowered to communicate suggestions for improvement. There is a fear of retaliation if they make an honest suggestion. A Coach can come in and diagnose the organization. We can get honest feedback from the employees within the organization. Being that we are bound by a code of ethics-the feedback that we get is confidential-BUT we can make suggestions based upon the information that we uncover during the diagnosing process. You will be handed exact suggestions on how to improve your company and actually get employees to WANT to stay. Imagine how much your Recruitment would LOVE to have a warm pipeline of eager candidates flooding the pipeline.

2. Increase Employee Productivity

All people can benefit from a Life Coach, but your Management and Executives will need a Life Coach the most. We can help clarify professional goals and guide the Managers and Executives to success. In addition, Executive Coaches can help map out career goals for your employees, and make those goals clear to the Top Level Management team. If you know the path that your employees are trying to take with their careers, you can provide those opportunities in house, so they do not have to go elsewhere to actually fulfill their career goals. (AKA decreased turnover which results in decreased recruiting costs which results in more $$$ on the profit side)

3. Identify ways to Change and Strengthen the Corporate Culture

An organization that invests in a Life Coach for their workforce, truly cares for their personal success, which will in turn convert into success for the organization. (more $ in the bank) An organization that cares for their employees, will have employees that will be loyal and vested in the success of the organization.

Imagine this, you are on your way out the door of an organization because you are completely dissatisfied with your job-and feel like it is pointless to even try to improve this broken, unorganized, and selfish organization. (Not saying your organization falls into this category, but your employees may feel this way at some point which is terrible.) The decision makers are too far away from you, and although you have some great ideas for improvement, you feel there is no way to communicate that information without making someone angry and possibly getting fired. Right before you are about to put in your 2 week notice because you are fed up, you get an email from the CEO! (which makes you feel important) This email states that the CEO decided that it was time to REALLY listen to and invest in his workforce, and has hired a Life Coach to help uncover some of the issues within the organization. Your CEO wants YOU to be one of the employees to meet with this Coach to provide your suggestions in a confidential environment. In addition to being able to express your true suggestions, you are able to utilize time with the Life Coach to map out your Professional Development FOR FREE because your oh so generous employer loves its employees so much. Only a CEO that cares about their employees will provide this type of luxury service. Because of this new development, you decide to postpone your resignation.

Imagine the money that you will save by identifying areas for improvement from people who actually run your organization, maximizing the performance of your employees, and creating a corporate culture so desirable that you can not keep up with the applicant flow flooding the pipeline.

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